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 Battlestar Galactica Mod for Homeworld2

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PostSubject: Battlestar Galactica Mod for Homeworld2   Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:58 pm

Hi all!

I am a massive fan of BSG. Even people who aren't big SciFi film fans have taken to the show. The threads in the story line contain really compelling drama, relevant political issues and a gritty reality that makes it the best TV show ever!!

Anyhoo, I loved Homeworld 2 and have always wishes that a BSG game was released with a Homeworld2 type engine.

My prayers were answered in a way I didnt expect!!

There is a Homeworld2 Mod which leets you take control of Galactica and fight those pesky Psilons!!

I havent installed it yet cause my desktop is temporarily outa action.

For anyone interested - look here:

If anyone installs it let me know what its like Wink
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Battlestar Galactica Mod for Homeworld2
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